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Westholme wagyu is unique. Every cut is an expression of unmatched provenance, the exceptional Australian environment and our never-ending search for perfection. Our wagyu is tender, juicy and flavorful, characterised by the fine, even marbling that is a Westholme signature.

Our herd is bred from wagyu royalty and our calves are born wild and free on the pristine rangelands of northern Australia. Westholme cattle graze native grasslands for two years before being finished on grain for at least 300 days. Our dedication to our craft is unstinting, our passion for our wagyu is as unending as the vast country our cattle roam.

Where to buy

Whether you’re one of the world’s finest Chefs, a premium butcher or inspired home chef, you can find Westholme at one of our trusted partners. While usually enjoyed in the best restaurants the world over, Westholme wagyu is now available for you to order and experience in the comfort of your own home.

From the station

For the first two to three years of their lives, our Westholme herd roam the northern Australian rangelands, eating a diverse diet of grasses and legumes. Their primary food is native Mitchell grass, which turns from green tussocks during the wet season to ‘standing haystacks’ during the dry season.

To the plate

The flavours and texture of Westholme wagyu are unique: buttery, caramelised, rich and lingering. We also hear it from our partners, chefs, and diners who are impressed by our consistency and quality. This is our craft. It’s who we are. Westholme is the wagyu that only Australia could produce, and that we are proud to perfect.

Trusted by the world’s best Chefs

Discover why these leading chefs choose Westholme.

Jarrod Walsh of Hartsyard

Justin Smillie of Il Buco Alimentari
e Vineria (New York City)

Cooking with Westholme

Cook these dishes at home with recipes by Chef Clayton Wells of Automata (Sydney).

Westholme Wagyu Tataki with Almond Miso & Lime Dressing, Rock Chives & Shiso

Westholme Slow Cooked Wagyu Rump Cap with Pastrami Spices, Smashed Celeriac & Malt Pickles