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Beef short rib Peranakan style by Chef Malcolm Lee

beef short rib westholme beef Chef Malcolm Lee Singapore

Beef short rib Peranakan style by Chef Malcolm Lee

Beef short rib Perankan style were a favourite at our Singapore launch thanks to Chef Malcolm Lee.  Chef Malcolm of Candlenut restaurant in Singapore prepared the Westholme beef short rib in the Peranakan style. Here he chats to us about his thoughts on Westholme beef and why he’s proud to serve it.


What are you cooking for all the chefs tonight?

‘So tonight I’m doing a very slow beef ribs and it’s paired with a black nut or Buah Keluak Sambal.  I chose short ribs because in our cuisine, Peranakan Cuisine, we are known for slow cooking methods and I think that short rib is a cut that really reflects what we do at the restaurant and doing it local kind of Sambal to match with it I think is perfect.

I really like to cook with the Westholme short rib because it’s just perfect for our cooking style which is slow braising and maximising the flavour of the meat as well and it really it has a great flavour, marbling and I think that really works perfectly with our dishes.’

Westholme beef short rib peranakan style Chef Malcolm Lee Candlenut

What do you look for in high quality beef?

‘I look for the consistency of the product and the flavour as well as the texture. And I think personally we use really good quality products and Westholme is really one of those products that we are so proud to use and serve at the restaurant to our guests.

We really like using Westholme beef in our restaurant because it’s just a very consistent product and it has good texture and flavour and this is what we as chefs look for and this is what our guests want as well and I think it’s just a great product to share with our guests.

mean whenever we receive the product we always feel very excited to cook with it and the results are always excellent.’

singapore westholme chef malcolm lee candlenut

Chef Malcolm Lee was among a number of esteemed Singapore chefs who prepared a variety of Westholme beef cuts for the launch of Westholme beef in Singapore. Chef Rishi Naleendra of Cheek by Jowl also made a beef tataki with fermented soy and apple and Chef Daniel Chavez made a Chinese Peruvian fusion dish, Lomo Saltado. Chef Daniel was kind enough to share his recipe for this dish.

View the recipe here.



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