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We know that our passion for premium beef is shared by many, so we’ll share some of our stories here on how we produce the world’s best beef.

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Kris Yenbamroong’s Ribeye Cap Green Curry

The wagyu makes you look so good in this dish. It’s an instant braise – six minutes from slicing the beef – and it makes you look as if you’ve been stirring the pot all day. It just wouldn’t be possible with another product: it’s so marbled, so flavourful, so ready to go. read more…

Kris Yenbamroong’s Filet Mignon Satay

Just like the jerky, this is a snacky beef dish made super special by using wagyu tenderloin. It’s something my grandma would serve at her restaurant, not with wagyu, but with filet mignon, which was radical at the time. The idea of a Thai restaurant using a premium cut for satay was unheard of. This takes it up another notch by using Westholme wagyu. read more…

Kris Yenbamroong’s Thai Beef Jerky

This is all about the wagyu. Coulotte to me is a cheffy cut, really beefy, and probably my favourite, alongside ribeye. You want an intensely flavoured cut for jerky so it’s perfect. read more…

Scott Picketts’s Westholme Striploin Skewer with Sweet Fish Sauce Caramel and Finger Lime

In some ways it feels outrageously decadent to use wagyu striploin for skewers. But on the other hand, slicing, skewering and grilling the meat is a beautiful way to show off the marbling, the rendering and the flavour of this incredible meat. read more…

Scott Picketts’s Wagyu Tartare with Smoked Egg Yolk and Buckwheat Crackers

Tartare is a classic, but it’s also a dish that can be very contemporary, as we see here. There are quite a few elements to but the wagyu is still the hero, with its rich melting notes coming through on the palate.
Traditional tartare is raw; this wagyu is barely cooked but we still get smoky notes from the smoked egg yolk emulsion – it’s a double smoky whammy actually, with smoked oil and another layer of flavour from smoked hay. read more…

Scott Picketts’s Wagyu on Horseback

This is an elegant spin on surf-and-turf, taking advantage of the briny minerality of the oyster and the deep umami of the wagyu. They’re brought together physically, by wrapping the oyster in a thin strip of wagyu, and in a dressing that uses rendered wagyu fat instead of oil, with extra texture from a mushroom and beef crumb. read more…

Scott Picketts’s Westholme OP Rib with Mushroom XO Sauce

First and foremost, my role as a chef is to respect the product. When you have a premium meat like Westholme wagyu it’s about accentuating its qualities and not doing too much to it.
With this dish, it’s all about letting that ribeye shine: trimming it carefully, seasoning it well, cooking it slowly and searing it hard. It needs a good long rest too, before being carved across the grain. The robust mushroom XO adds another dimension without cloaking or masking anything about the wagyu. read more…

Steak Au Poivre

We’re excited to share Ludo Lefebvre’s recipe for steak with pepper sauce.
Steak au poivre is one of the world’s classic bistro dishes. It’s usually made with eye fillet (filet mignon) but Westholme’s compact and tender Manhattan filet is perfect. The fine marbling in the wagyu helps form a beautiful crust on the steak with a crispness that persists even after it’s drowned in creamy, Cognac-spiked pepper sauce.

Bone-in Ribeye Roast with Roasted Carrots, Crispy Potatoes, Peas and Yorkshire Puddings

Is there anything like roast beef, carved at the table for enjoying with friends and family? This standing rib roast – also known as export rib – is a whole bone-in ribeye. It’s an incredible cut for roasting: meat on the bone stays juicy and tender and the finely marbled fat in our wagyu renders as it cooks and rests read more…

Kristen Kish’s Westholme Bavette with Crushed Olive Sauce and Sweetcorn, Snap Pea and Smoked Yoghurt Salad

Bavette – also known as flank and similar to skirt – is cut from the abdomen. It’s a more textured steak than many fillets and it loves generous seasoning and a very hot cook followed by a long rest. You can use the same technique and accompaniments for other wagyu cuts. read more…

A Sydney Barbecue for Friends With Mat Lindsay and O Tama Carey

Sydney chef Mat Lindsay from fire-focused Ester restaurant and his partner and fellow chef O Tama Carey from Lankan Filling Station host an Australian barbecue for friends. Wagyu is used four ways: there’s koji-marinated T-bone, pastrami-spiced intercostal skewers, tallow flatbreads and wagyu fat salted caramels, plus read more…

Wagyu fat caramels

It might surprise you to think of it, but beef fat has a proud history on the dessert trolley – just think of the suet that gives puddings and mince pies their lightness at Christmas. These wagyu fat caramels are every bit as delicious. read more…

Celery salsa verde

A good green sauce is a thing of beauty and is perfect served with any type of fatty meat. This one has a little celery in it which gives it a slightly different flavour and a bit of added texture. It will keep for a day or two in the fridge read more…

Iceberg and herb salad with horseradish mascarpone

This salad is nice and crunchy with a good kick of horseradish. The herb mix is up to you; add or subtract your leaves and herbs as you choose, just as long as it remains fairly delicate. read more…

Barbecued eggplant with labne and toasted seeds

You can use your gas burner on the stove to blacken the eggplants, but, as always, live fire gives an unmatched depth of flavour to everything it touches. We like to serve this warm, or at room temperature, but definitely not cold. read more…

Cauliflower and cheese croquettes

These little beauties have a delightful crust and the softest of interiors, all the things you want in a deep-fried morsel. The mix can be a little soft and hard to shape but they are well worth it. They are very good as is but even better dipped in a little hot sauce. read more…

Pastrami-style grilled Westholme intercostals

Tallow – or wagyu fat – brings richness to these flatbreads. You can cook them in a cast-iron pan but for a better flavour and texture we prefer to cook them on the grill, the smoke adding an extra flavour to the fat in the dough that is unmatched. In any case you don’t want it to be too hot, so the read more…

Tallow flatbread

Tallow – or wagyu fat – brings richness to these flatbreads. You can cook them in a cast-iron pan but for a better flavour and texture we prefer to cook them on the grill, the smoke adding an extra flavour to the fat in the dough that is unmatched. In any case you don’t want it to be too hot, so the read more…

Koji-marinated Westholme T-bone

Koji is a mould used to inoculate rice, barley and soybeans, kicking off the fermentation that can then be turned into drinks such as sake and shochu, and key pantry ingredients like miso, mirin and soy sauce. It deepens and intensifies flavour read more…

Kristen Kish’s Smoke-grilled tomahawk with charred broccoli and grilled sweet potato

I am a simpleton when it comes to beautiful cuts of beef. I just love letting great meat like this Westholme tomahawk speak for itself. Salt, pepper, smoke and heat: that’s all you need read more…

Grilled Brisket Lettuce Wraps

Brisket takes time to prepare but very little effort: the marinade and the oven do all the work. When ready to serve – whether at home or in a restaurant – give the brisket a quick sear and slice, then let your guests get stuck in read more…

Tenderloin Roast with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms and Hasselback Potatoes

There’s nothing quite as classic as a tenderloin roast and we give it the royal treatment here, serving it with wild mushrooms, buttered hasselback potatoes and an easy red wine jus read more…

Flank Steak with Marinated Peppers and Chimichurri

The flank is cut from the abdomen and is prized for its big flavour and firm texture. It takes on spices and marinades beautifully and is often used in Mexican tacos and French steak frites. A hardworking cut, it needs a little more chewing read more…

Orlando Marzo’s Cocktail Recipes

Westholme has partnered with leading Australian bartender Orlando Marzo to create three cocktails inspired by our wagyu.
“People often think of cocktails as an aperitif or digestif but they’re so versatile read more…

Resetting the Table: Celebrating the Year of the Ox with Mei Lin

It’s a heartfelt meal, imbued with Mei’s careful, considered, no-waste approach to cooking and eating meat. She uses wagyu three ways, making the most of the fillet, trim and fat. Rump cap (coulotte) is grilled and read more…

Matt Moran’s Westholme Short-rib Curry

Braising cuts like boneless short rib or rump cap are perfect to use for curry. As the wagyu slowly cooks the flavours meld with the spices, with the meat becoming tender enough to tear with a fork, and the rendered fat read more…

Resetting the Table: At Home In New Orleans with Nina Compton

Nina Compton’s approach to food is infused with multiple cultural influences, just like New Orleans itself. “Everything I do in my restaurants showcases my Caribbean beginnings, my roundabout read more…

Resetting the Table: Suzanne Goin’s Family Holiday Feast

Suzanne Goin has been battling to save her Los Angeles’ restaurants since March with her staff foremost on her mind. “It’s been a distressing emotional rollercoaster,” she says. read more…

Resetting the Table: Family Barbecue with Tim Hollingsworth

“These are some of our family’s favourite dishes. For this cowboy (bone-in rib-eye), we smoke it at a low temperature then sear it in a cast-iron skillet over a wood barbecue. The smoke, the caramelisation, read more…

Resetting the Table: Thai Thanksgiving with Kris Yenbamroong

My version of a Thai beef salad is freeform and flexible, more of a technique than a recipe fixed in stone. The basis is this quick, simple glaze made with two sauces that help achieve a really read more…

Bone-in rib-eye with roast mushrooms, the creamiest mash and red wine sauce

Sometimes you just want steak and potatoes with a red wine sauce. Today’s recipe is a classic, making a hero of our bone-in rib-eye and serving it with garlicky mash, an easy red wine sauce and roasted mushrooms.

The Ultimate Footy Finals Feast

For the first time ever, the Australian Rules Football Grand Final is being held in Brisbane. We are there too! We caught up with top Chef Adam Wolfers from Gerard’s Bistro for a Middle Eastern footy feast with friends, featuring three read more…

Sumac-spiced tomato salad

In all Middle Eastern cooking there is a tomato salad or chopped salad of some sort. We do the same thing in Australia when we have a barbecue. Sumac is lemony with nice acidity. It goes really well with salads read more…

Blood Orange Syrup Cake

This cake isn’t just sweet, it’s spiced too, and the natural acidity of blood orange goes really well with the other flavours. There’s a delicious crunchiness to the crust, then adding the sweet and sour syrup flavoured with read more…

Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of those meaty vegetables that stands up to slow-cooked beef like the short rib. It can handle a lot of spice and caramelisation. The advieh is a turmeric-based spice that goes really well with cauliflower read more…

Slow-cooked short rib with ras el hanout

This is one of those dishes that really brings family and friends together. You get a beautiful piece of meat braised on the bone until it pulls away easily and is really soft, rich, salty read more…

Scotch fillet skewers

This is my spin on a Middle Eastern steak tartare taking the idea of basturma, air-dried beef that’s salted and dried for a couple of weeks, but doing a quick cure that’s easy for home read more…

Tri-tip cheat’s basturma

This is my spin on a Middle Eastern steak tartare taking the idea of basturma, air-dried beef that’s salted and dried for a couple of weeks, but doing a quick cure that’s easy for home read more…

Slow-roasted mustard-rubbed rump cap with herbed shallot sauce

The rump cap (also called culotte and picanha) is the perfect cut for roast beef, staying juicy and succulent, particularly when slow-roasted as we do here. Any leftovers are incredible for sandwiches or read more…

Seared striploin with scorched broccolini and miso butter

This is a very simple grilled steak and greens meal that’s given extra dimension by pairing it with miso butter. Adding miso to the butter brings a beautiful roundness to the flavour profile and works especially well read more…

Boneless rib-eye steaks with root vegetable chips and cheat’s bearnaise

Our take on steak and chips is a crowd-pleaser with plenty of colour and depth of flavour. Oven-baked chips are a fuss-free alternative to deep frying, while a cheat’s bearnaise sauce packs in all the flavour of the classic …

Greg Baxtrom from New York’s Olmsted looks to the past and considers the future

It’s fair to say a lot has happened since we last visited Greg Baxtrom at Olmsted, his restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

Culinary Dispatch: Chef Jarrod Walsh – Hartsyard

Chef Jarrod Walsh uses only secondary cuts in his Sydney restaurant Hartsyard. “They can take effort,” he says. “But if you offer people something they haven’t heard of and you make it really special, then you can really blow them away.”

Harissa-rubbed eye fillet steak with roast carrot salad and creamy hummus

Middle Eastern influences make a hero of Westholme wagyu sirloin in this flavour packed yet simple dish. Plate it up individually, as we have, or opt for a generous platter, slicing the steaks to layer on top of the salad.

Culinary Dispatch: Truffles, The Fungus That Loves Fat

Truffles have been treasured since antiquity, as much for their mystery as their culinary qualities. A subterranean fungus that comes in either robust black read more…

South Indian-style beef curry with crisp curry leaves

Recipe | August 17, 2020     Photo by Jason Lucas   Author notes Full of fragrant spices, this curry is the perfect vehicle for the chunks of melt-in-the-mouth Westholme […]

Coffee-Rubbed Grilled T-Bone with Buttermilk Slaw and Quick Pickled Onions

A steak salad offers endless versatility – think spicy Thai beef salad or Italy’s finest tagliata. Our version plays on good old steak and chips, with crunchy golden roasted potatoes read more…

Slow-cooked Westholme wagyu rump cap, pastrami spices, smashed celeriac & malt pickles

In this recipe we give outstanding Australian wagyu the French treatment by The rump cap-also known as read more…

Scotch fillet steak salad with kale-pistachio pesto dressing

A steak salad offers endless versatility – think spicy Thai beef salad or Italy’s finest tagliata. Our version plays on good old steak and chips, with crunchy golden roasted potatoes read more…

Mexican Steak Sandwich

Recipe | August 18, 2020 Photo by Jason Lucas Author notes This spicy twist on the classic steak sandwich packs a flavour punch. We’ve used striploin (also called sirloin, porterhouse […]

Westholme wagyu eye fillet with Cafe de Paris butter and goose-fat fries

In this recipe we give outstanding Australian wagyu the French treatment by basting it with butter, garlic and herbs, topping it with homemade Cafe de Paris butter and serving it with shoestring fries cooked in goose fat […]

Spicy Westholme wagyu rump steak rice bowls

The beauty of a bowl like this lies in its versatility. With the full-flavoured rump (also called top sirloin) steaks taking centre stage, you can play around with the accompaniments, using whatever you have to hand […]

Justin Smillie – Westholme

Justin Smillie is an acclaimed chef based in New York, with a decorated career that began when he was 17. In this video he talks about his favourite features of Westholme and the way he loves to cook with it

Jarrod Walsh at Hartsyard Cooks Intercostal

Since reopening his Sydney restaurant Hartsyard after lockdown, chef Jarrod Walsh has switched to a five-course set menu that showcases produce he really loves […]

Westholme wagyu rump steak sandwich, fermented chilli gravy, salad cream & shallots

I love the versatility of Westholme’s rump steak, also called top sirloin. In this recipe, we grill it, rest it, slice it, then warm it up again in a spicy gravy made with Kanzuri […]

Westholme wagyu tataki with almond, miso and lime dressing

Westholme’s sirloin is so tender and flavourful that sometimes I love to leave it very rare and let the product sing. Searing the steak brings a little caramelisation without dominating – it’s really all […]

Wagyu bone-in rib-eye, jalapeno & herb sauce, grilled greens & shallot oil

The deep flavour and all-encompassing buttery mouthfeel of Westholme’s rib-eye means that it can take a fresh, herby, spicy sauce like this jalapeno emulsification. Because the rib-eye is […]

Westholme beef takes home two Gold Medals

Westholme beef takes home two Gold Medals AACo’s new Westholme brand last night achieved gold medals for both samples entered into the Australian Wagyu Association’s branded beef competition, with results […]

Beef short rib Peranakan style by Chef Malcolm Lee

Beef short rib Peranakan style by Chef Malcolm Lee Beef short rib Perankan style were a favourite at our Singapore launch thanks to Chef Malcolm Lee.  Chef Malcolm of Candlenut […]

Beef Rump Cap prepared by Chef Rishi Naleendra

Beef rump cap tataki by Chef Rishi Naleendra We were lucky enough to have Chef Rishi Naleendra preparing Westholme beef rump cap for all of our chef guests at the […]

Chef Daniel Chavez’s Westholme beef ‘Lomo Saltado’ recipe

Daniel Chavez, chef and owner of Ola Cocina Del Mar was a guest chef at the Singapore launch of Westholme beef.  Originally from Peru and now living in Singapore, Chef […]

Westholme beef rib eye gets the Singapore treatment by Chef Daniel Chavez

  Daniel Chavez, Chef and Owner of Ola Cocina Del Mar was one of our guest chefs at the Singapore launch of Westholme beef.  Daniel served the Westholme beef rib eye in […]

Westholme beef launches in Singapore

Westholme beef was launched with much fanfare at Spago by Wolfgang Puck, perched atop the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore this month. The launch was delivered in partnership with […]

Premium beef – the true Westholme experience

True Westholme beef is a premium beef experience from Australian steaks to burgers, and all cuts in between.  It’s the perfect match for fine and everyday steakhouses and restaurants. Westholme […]