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Westholme beef takes home two Gold Medals

AACo’s new Westholme brand last night achieved gold medals for both samples entered into the Australian Wagyu Association’s branded beef competition, with results announced at last night’s gala dinner in Albury. In the brand’s first foray into this competition, it achieved outstanding results in the crossbred and commercial classes, validating that AACo’s ‘eating quality’ based brand approach is right on track for providing a great dining experience with every Westholme steak.

“These results reflect the stringent quality criteria that Westholme products must meet, and the confidence we have in delivering an outstanding dining experience to consumers, right around the world,” said AACo Managing Director Jason Strong.

Westholme cattle are raised on pristine tracts of Mitchell grass and grain finished on proprietary blends that include wheat, sorghum and molasses. Rich marbling – throughout the cut – delivers a signature tenderness and a juicy steak that offers a timeless experience, every time. The families that produce Westholme beef are dedicated to stewarding the land, and have a collective obsession with crafting the finest beef in the world. These families take great pride in delivering the best steak from their home – our station – to plates around the world. The award winning commercial sample was finished on grain at AACo’s Goonoo Feedlot in central Queensland; and the crossbred sample came from Aronui Feedlot in the Darling Downs.

Westholme cattle grazing on Wylarah Station, before being finished on a grain-based ration.

Competition judges assessed visual raw appearance as well as a sensory taste panel covering tenderness, juiciness, flavour and overall liking. The crossbred Westholme sample with 32% marbling achieved 748 points out of a possible 910; and the commercial sample with 37% marbling scored 671 points.

The crossbred sample was described by judges as “Tender, very juicy, great flavour. Rich and rounded”.  The commercial sample feedback was “Wonderful clean and caramel aroma, very tender beef with cereal flavour and very juicy.”

Westholme beef carries rich marbling throughout the cut, to deliver signature tenderness and a juicy steak every time.

Also held on the night was an auction to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctors Service, where Enoch Bergman of Swan’s Veterinary Clinic, WA, auctioned a number of donated items. An AACo Wagyu striploin raised an impressive $4500 for the charity, taken home by long-time supporter of the RFDS and AACo, Jane Hughes of Hughes Pastoral Company.



True Westholme beef is a premium beef experience from Australian steaks to burgers, and all cuts in between.  It’s the perfect match for fine and everyday steakhouses and restaurants.

Westholme was the Wagyu stud that we bought to establish our large position in the Wagyu breed, and it’s the largest and most influential group of Wagyu cattle in Australia.  Westholme cattle are raised on pristine tracts of Mitchell grass in Australia and grain-finished on proprietary blends. Rich marbling – throughout the cut – delivers a signature tenderness and a juicy steak that offers a timeless experience, every time.

When we talk about Westholme beef the most important thing is that it consistently offers a high quality eating experience. When we say the highest quality beef, we mean this premium beef will meet expectations for juiciness, tenderness, flavour and overall eating experience wherever it is in the world. We’re very committed to ensuring that Westholme is a choice a diner can depend on regardless of where they are in the world from Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea to Dubai, the US and Europe.

We have a collective obsession for crafting the finest beef in the world. Described by an expert beef taster as Earthy. Rich but rounded, toasty. Herbaceous “under-notes”. Complex layers of flavour.

Our investment in innovation and technology gives us a massive amount of information and tools to manage and monitor the performance of our cattle. Over the almost  200 years we’ve been in operation we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the happiest and healthiest animals produce the highest quality beef.

Westholme cattle run on extensive rangelands across some of the most iconic stations in Australia.  We are absolutely committed to environmental sustainability and to ensuring that at every stage, our animals are managed to meet not just welfare standards, but standards that the families that steward the land are proud and happy to stand behind.

We love what we do and strive to make it an art. We hope you’ll join us in finishing the journey from our station to your plate.


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