Corey Baghaw runs Westholme's Glentana Station

Station to Station| September 14, 2020

Photo by Jedd Cooney

Corey Bagshaw and his wife Rachael run Glentana Station in central Queensland.  The nearest town, Springsure (population 1103) is 100 kilometres away. Glentana runs up to 13,000 cattle at any one time, with 4000 calves born a year. “We have open country where we get good summer grazing and we run into the back of the Carnarvon Ranges where natural pastures head up into the hills,” says Corey.

A fifth-generation farmer, Corey is happiest when he’s out on the land. “I struggle when the guys are out working cattle, having fun, and I’m stuck in the office,” he says. “Working with men, horses, cattle – I love it. A great day would start with a horseback muster into the yards.” 

Photo by Jedd Cooney

Westholme cattle spend most of their days grazing wild and free on nutritious Mitchell grass and other native plants and herbs, then four or five times a year they’re walked in front of horses back to the houseyards for weight, growth and health checks, branding, weaning and to see if the cows are pregnant. “Checking for pregnancy is the big, exciting one,” says Corey. “This year we had a 97% pregnancy rate, which is very satisfying.” Pregnant cows are walked back to the grasslands to birth and nurture their calves. “It’s good to see them mother up with their calves. There’s nothing like seeing a cow happily chewing the cud in the shade of a tree.”

Photo by Jedd Cooney

Corey and Rachael manage Glentana with sons Billy, 5, and Eddy, 1, in training. Billy has just started distance education with School of the Air. “It’s a great environment,” says Corey. “To be around the animals and the wide open spaces is a good childhood. There’s a sense of freedom out here for sure.”



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