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Our Land

West of Australia’s Great Dividing Range, you’ll find some of the finest cattle country in the world.

We raise our cattle on a collection of Australian stations that hold in common: expansive pastures covered with native grasses, dedicated families who steward the land, and a collective obsession with crafting the finest beef in the world.

Aussie for ‘ranch’, stations need their own name because of their scale – our average station is four times the size of Singapore.

We honour the scale and beauty of the Australian landscape we call home by sharing the Australian beef that we’ve spent generations perfecting.

Westholme Wagyu Herd

The Westholme Wagyu herd contains the most highly credentialed Wagyu cattle to leave Japan. Three Japan born, Hongen registered champion sires are the founding patriarchs of the Westholme herd – 001 Hirashige-Tayasu (from the Kedaka line); 002 Itomoritaka (from the Fujioshi line) and 003 Kitateruyasu-doi (from the Tajiri/Tajima line). These bulls were bred to Hongen registered Kedaka, Tajiri and Fujiyoshi females.

Over two decades, we have built on these foundation bloodlines to produce an outstanding, even herd of Wagyu cattle in the Westholme stud. They set the high standard of Westholme beef.

Westholme cattle are born wild on AACo’s pristine outback stations, raised on grass and finished on a specialised grain blend, to achieve rich marbling throughout the cut. Great care and attention to detail underpins Westholme beef production.

Westholme also sources cattle from strategic partners to supplement our beef supply through the year. We take full control over the processing and grading of these cattle to ensure the quality standards for our Westholme beef are upheld.

The People

We get up early. We work hard. We care for our animals and steward our land. We celebrate a job well done.

Mary Vaughan (Brumby)

Head Stockwoman
Brunette Downs

Chris Hardie

Wylarah Farm

Sara Gruber

Livestock Manager
Goonoo Feedlot

The Right Cattle with the Right Nutrition

Westholme calves are born in outback Australia, and raised on natural grasses like Mitchell, Buffel, Flinders, Fescues, Para, Lucerne and Ryegrass. The land is vast, the water is clean and the air is pure to give them the best possible start in life.

Westholme is finished on a proprietary blend of grains including wheat, sorghum, and oats, sweetened with molasses for trace minerals. The grains are freshly milled every morning to provide the best nutrition. The grass and grain work together to deliver the intense marbling, complexity, and depth of flavour that makes Westholme beef so special.


Tracking Westholme calves starts at birth. We record their parentage. We track their paddock movements. We record their vaccination dates to ensure they are healthy. Every calf gets a unique radio frequency ID that we record all this information against, and a visual tag we can read in the paddock. You can be confident we know all about every one of our Westholme cattle from station to plate. Australian beef is a trusted product.


The Journey

The last phase of the journey is critical to ensuring our carefully crafted beef arrives in optimal condition to deliver a great eating experience.

Packaging is optimised for
preservation and food safety.

Ageing during the boat trip means our
product arrives ready to eat.

Rigorous food safety practices
and Australia’s pristine conditions
means a longer shelf life.