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A Sydney Barbecue for Friends With Mat Lindsay and O Tama Carey

Recipe | Aug 27 2021

Sydney chef Mat Lindsay from fire-focused Ester restaurant and his partner and fellow chef O Tama Carey from Lankan Filling Station host an Australian barbecue for friends. Wagyu is used four ways: there’s koji-marinated T-bone, pastrami-spiced intercostal skewers, tallow flatbreads and wagyu fat salted caramels, plus a bunch of vegetable sides. “The classic Aussie barbecue I grew up with was burnt sausage, white bread and tomato sauce,” says Mat. He’s stepped it up just a little bit for this feast, which is mostly cooking over the charcoal-fired parrilla on his terrace. “We still burn it a little bit,” says Mat, who specialises in wood-fired cooking at Ester. “A bit of burn is good. We want to highlight the fact that you can do more with wagyu than a plain grilled steak. We use different cuts, methods and techniques to make everything delicious.”

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