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Tasting Notes
from the Experts

“Earthy. Rich but rounded, toasty. Herbaceous ‘under-notes’. Complex layers of flavour.”

“Toasty caramel flavours, excellent mouth feel, nice lingering metallic nutty creamy finish.”

“The right balance of elements – lasting juiciness, rich length on the palate, silky texture, succulent buttery biscuit flavours plus earthiness on the palate.”


The Westholme Experience

We put great care into producing Westholme beef because we want you to enjoy an outstanding experience every single time you eat it. We want you to experience the unique Westholme flavour that tells the story of our heritage, our stations and our people.

Master the Cuts

Have you ever wondered what all the different beef cuts are, and where they come from on the animal? Each cut has a slightly unique flavour and texture profile.

We want to collaborate with you to explore possibilities and inspire new ways to delight your diners or customers.



Why do chefs think Westholme is the best beef?

Westholme cattle come from genetics based on our own unique breeding program. These genetics combined with carefully managed nutrition on our pristine outback properties make for a flavour-filled experience in every bite. That’s what makes Westholme a chef’s favourite beef.


Texture and depth of flavour are the
hallmarks of the Westholme experience.


Consistent quality comes from
scale and experience


Westholme has incredible versatility
across cuts

Sous Chef
Eddie’s Tips

Here are some tips from sous chef Eddie on cooking a Westholme steak. Even the best beef and the best Wagyu needs the right technique to deliver the most delicious results. Chef Eddie recommends seasoning liberally with salt just before you cook will help develop that delicious beefy crust!

Curious to know more? 

Check out our FAQ page where we respond to some of our most-asked questions.