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The Ultimate Footy Finals Feast

Blog | October 19, 2020

Photo by Erik Williamson

For the first time ever, the Australian Rules Football Grand Final is being held in Brisbane. We are there too! We caught up with top chef Adam Wolfers from Gerard’s Bistro for a Middle Eastern footy feast with friends, featuring three Australian wagyu dishes. 

As chef Adam says, “There’s always something new you can do with Westholme wagyu.” Most of the work can be done ahead with these dishes so you don’t need to be cooking during the game. He serves them sharing style. “Everything goes together,” says chef Adam. “That’s the beauty  of Middle Eastern cooking.”

Tri-Tip Cheat’s Basturma

“This is my spin on a Middle Eastern steak tartare taking the idea of basturma”

Full Recipe

Scotch fillet skewers

 Another way of cooking Scotch fillet which you’d normally just cook as a steak.

Full Recipe

Slow-cooked short rib with ras el hanout

One of those dishes that really brings family and friends together.

Full Recipe

Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of those meaty vegetables that stands up to slow-cooked beef like the short rib.

Full Recipe

Sumac-spiced tomato salad

In all Middle Eastern cooking there is a tomato salad or chopped salad of some sort.

Full Recipe

Blood Orange Syrup Cake

This cake isn’t just sweet, it’s spiced too, and the natural acidity of blood orange goes really well with the other flavours.

Full Recipe

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