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Scott Picketts’s Wagyu on Horseback

Recipe | Nov 17 2021

This is an elegant spin on surf-and-turf, taking advantage of the briny minerality of the oyster and the deep umami of the wagyu. They’re brought together physically, by wrapping the oyster in a thin strip of wagyu, and in a dressing that uses rendered wagyu fat instead of oil, with extra texture from a mushroom and beef crumb.

It’s a simple dish, though it uses a few techniques, and it presents really beautifully. There’s something so special about the seared wagyu melting into the just-warm oyster.


Rendered wagyu fat

1 Westholme OP Rib / Bone-In Ribeye, at room temperature
100g Mushroom XO Sauce (recipe below)

Wagyu fat dressing

30g rendered wagyu fat
5g lemon juice
0.5g sugar

Beef crumb

4g dehydrated lion’s mane mushroom
20g cooked, shredded beef
6g salt
4g sugar
1g citric acid
2g nutritional yeast

Wagyu-wrapped oyster

200g Westholme rump cap


Rendered wagyu fat

  1. Dice fat and put in gastro tray with lid.
  2. Cook in oven for 12 hours at 120C / 248F.
  3. Strain through oil filter.

Rendered wagyu fat dressing

  1. Whisk ingredients together and set aside. I also like to add the liquid from the oyster shells to this dressing as I shuck them.

Beef crumb

  1. Pulse ingredients in Thermomix to form crumb. Set aside.

Wagyu-wrapped oyster

  1. Sear wagyu over open flame then transfer to cold, flat tray.
  2. Slice 5cm x 2cm (2in x 1in) strips.
  3. Wrap oyster in wagyu and return to shell.

To Finish

  1. Place oyster with shell on coals.
  2. Warm oyster to 55C / 131F.
  3. Dress with 5g warm wagyu fat dressing and 2g beef crumb.

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