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Vast Rangelands,
Proud Heritage

Westholme cattle graze on pristine tracts of Mitchell grass 
and are grain-fed proprietary blends to produce rich marbling, 
signature tenderness and a juicy steak, every time.

Station To Plate

Our Wagyu are raised on expansive 
Australian pastures 
covered with 
native grasses. The dedicated families 
steward this land share a collective 
obsession with crafting 
the best beef 
in the world.

Delivered Straight
To Your Door

US Customers Only

What’s Special About

Australian Wagyu Beef

Australia has a reputation for producing clean, green and safe beef and 
the quality of our beef is second to none. Australia is free of all major 
endemic livestock diseases. We have national traceability systems that 
work in conjunction with national standards for animal health, 
welfare and biosecurity to ensure best practice animal husbandry and 
low-stress stock handling. Australian processing plants are regularly 
audited by independent government officials to ensure animal welfare 
and food safety standards are upheld.