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The Westholme Story

Westholme beef is produced by the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo).

Our beef is proudly Australian.

Our dedicated families strive daily to produce the world’s best beef. We’re proud to be part of Australia’s agricultural heritage and the craft of creating memorable eating experiences.

We get up early. We work hard. We innovate. We care for our animals. We celebrate a job well done. “It’s just what we do.”

Raising Cattle is a Passion

Each station is stewarded by families who dedicate their lives to the land and to ensuring happy cattle, completely free from stress. These families live on and work with the land and cattle and take great pride in delivering the best steak from their home – our stations – to your plate.

The Art of Australian Beef

We don’t just live and breathe cattle – we live and breathe premium beef. We’re passionate about the unique qualities and flavours of Australian beef. We grill it, roast it, fry it, smoke it, grind it and dry it… we celebrate beef,  everything that goes into producing it, and all the joy from eating it.

Born Wild, Raised on Native Grasses

Our cattle came to Australia from Japan more than two decades ago. Their lineage traces back to the mighty Westholme herd that was founded on champion Wagyu bulls and cows.

Westholme cattle are born wild and raised on some of Australia’s most iconic cattle stations. Vast pastures of Mitchell grass nourish our cattle where they roam free.